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Everyone knows speed is important when it comes to hosting but did you know…

  •  A website only has 5 to 7 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor, slow loading times can eat up this time and reduce retention rate
  •  Even a 1 second delay in loading time can drop customer satisfaction by 15%
  •  Google now uses loading time as a ranking factor, which will affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Speed backed up by...

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSD) give your data the power to travel faster than ever before. Solid State Drives are responsible for storage and transfer of data within a website, meaning they affect the loading time. Compared to traditional Hard Drives (which most hosting services still use), SSD speeds up your loading time by 20x and your visitors will immediately feel the difference.

Amazon Servers

WPGateway utilizes servers from multi-billion dollar company Amazon infrastructure. This means your website will be using the same type of servers that have been proven to handle Amazon’s heavy traffic. Your website will be prepared to maintain fast loading times regardless of the amount of people on at a time.

Unique IP Address

Maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having your own unique IP address. Avoid Google red flagging your website because you are sharing an IP address with other users on a hosting platform. WPGateway makes sures your ranking efforts are optimized by providing individual IP addresses and fast loading times.

Plus All these Features...

  •  Hosting that works for WordPress and Non-WordPress (html) sites.
  •  High speed affordable Amazon server.
  •  Automatic weekly website backups.
  •  Each backup is saved for 3 weeks.
  •  One click installation for ANY WordPress theme.
  •  One click website cloning.
  •  Is your website still up? Status check of all websites every 15 minutes.
  •  Auto notification - via Text and/or Email - of website status.
  •  Auto check for WordPress Plugin updates.
  •  One click plugin update for one or all domains.
  •  Auto check if new theme versions are available.
  •  One click update to the new theme version.
  •  Add your existing website to Amazon Hosting Website Management with One Click
  •  One click backup restoration.
  •  Backup version can be saved forever.
  •  Secure your website by blocking certain countries.
  •  Blocks IP's upon repeated false login attempts with One Click. (New).
  •  Transfer of your entire cpanel to Amazon Hosting server
  •  Easy and affordable domain ordering (wholesale price).
  •  One Click SSL certification ordering (wholesale price).
  •  Comes with easy to use cpanels for maximum flexibility.
  •  Each cpanel with a domain get separate IP address (good for SEO).
  •  Easily set up and forward Email addresses within cpanel.
  •  Maximum flexibility to use normal ftp access.
  •  57 Layers Security Protection with Weekly Updates and Scans of all plugins and themes.
  •  Transfer your website to Amazon Hosting server with One Click.
  •  One click installation of any of the 237+ Local Theme Jack themes.
  •  Quickly Add, modify or delete USERS from all your WP Sites.
  •  Control Sites that are on different hosting/servers.
  •  Super easy interface, zero technical skills needed.
  •  Each WPGateWay Cpanel is on a unique IP address for maximum SEO results.
  •  Free site transfers
  •  Free cpanels transfers
  •  Around the Clock Unlimited 5-star Rated Support