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WPGateway Security defends your website from hackers!

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Why hackers are the BIGGEST threat to your business..

  •  Hackers can inject viruses into your website leaving you with expensive and time consuming clean ups tasks.
  •  Google can ban your site forever if hackers post illegal or provocative content on your website.
  •  Hackers can steal your customers' information and shower them with spam.

Hackers can steal your customers' information and shower them with spam.

57 Layered Security System

WPGateway 57 Layered Security system is designed to make your website virtually indestructible. The security system puts 57 steps into action to not only put up barriers for hackers when your website is initially set up but to also constantly make sure your website is as secure as possible.

Weekly Scans

Monitor the security of your website with WPGateway’s automatic weekly scans. WPGateway shutdowns hackers where they attack websites most, plugins and themes. Plugins and Themes are among the items that will be scanned weekly to ensure they are hacker free.

Automatically Blocks Known Hackers IP’s

With the number of hackers increasing, WPGateway monitors and blocks known hacker’s IP addresses. As more hacker’s IP addresses are discovered, WPGateway will automatically update the list of blocked hackers to secure your website before a hacker can attack!