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What is Cloning?

Website cloning is essentially taking a copy of your current website design or script to make into a new website. Cloning can be a huge time saver for anyone looking to have more than one website.

Additionally, if you have a website design that has been proven successful you can easily reuse it, no need to code from scratch. Cloning is especially valuable to internet marketers who will now be able to create demo websites and use those on client’s domains.

We Make Cloning Super Easy With…

WordPress Sites

Creating a clone of your WordPress site is now effortless with WPGateway’s easy cloning process. No need to change any part of your WordPress site, including editing details and passwords. Within minutes, you can now clone your WordPress website as a WPGateway user.

Free Website Transfer Help

Eliminate the biggest burden of switching hosting sites, by having a dedicated team help you migrate your site over for free. Keep your website and business running without interruption with a seamless site transfer.

No Downloads or Installations Needed

At no point in the WPGateway’s cloning process is a download or installation needed. Forget large backup files, WPGateway’s proprietary cloning system tears down any technical barriers to make the process error free.